Cow Parade New York, NY2000


Cows have 32 teeth but they don't have any top front teeth.

the cows

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Tattooed Bovine
Taxi Cow
Taxi Cow
Taxi Cow
Technicolor Dreamcow
The Big Apple
The Big Cow Apple
The Boca Bovine
The Bovine Beauty
The Bovine Miss M Hails a Cab
The Bride Cow
The Bronx is Up, the Udder is Down
The Bull-Bear
The Cow
The Cow for the Immigrants
The Cow That Wants to be a Horse
The Dow Cow
The Dreamer - Zazu Blue Moon Up
The Early Show
The Engagement Cow
The Fairy Cow
The Grazing Gallery
The Green Bean Moo-cha Cow
The Greenhorn
The Haute Cowture
The Hay-Team
The King of Queens
The Milky Way
The Mixtec Cow
The Moo Kid in (Mid) Town
The Moo-kie Baseball Cow
The Page
The People Cow
The Purple Cow
The Real MooCoy
The Sounds of Moosic
The Taxi Cow
The Twin Cowers
The Twin Cowers
The Uncow Ordinated Bowlvine
Tied to N.Y.
Tiffany Cow
Times Square Cow
Times Square Cow
Touched by an Angel
Tourist Cow
Toy Cow
Traveling Luggage Cow
True Blue

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